New Pastel Decor Ideas

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If you’re a fan of the Golden Girls like some of us here at AC Pacific, then the pastels of yesterday are well remembered. Some would prefer they stay in the past, along with the padded shoulders, feathered hair, and wicker living room sets.

Some things are best left in the past, like these pajama inspired styles. But the colors have modern potential!

Some things are best left in the past, like these pajama inspired styles. But the colors have modern potential!


Today, pastels are being blended with geometrical shapes and lines. Colorblocking is extremely popular, and can be blended with colored acrylics and matte finishes. The pastels themselves can vary from bright, candy colored hues to dusky, muted shades, all depending on one’s tastes, of course.



Our Amber chair fits right in with the colorblocking action!


 Here we’ve complemented the colorblocking trend with the Amber chair, whose soft tones and dark legs work well with this trend. Floating cube shelves provide a minimalistic backdrop that doesn’t detract from the color scheme. A colorblocked rug against a light wood or polished concrete floor won’t overpower the room. Add pastel finished lighting fixtures, like two toned or “dipped” pendants or an industrial inspired floor lamp – coated in a pastel color, of course. Keep the shapes of the furniture soft and geometrical, and don’t be afraid to play with angled patterns and metallics.

If you’d like a colorful pastel wall to post behind white or gray furniture, try sectioning off parts with painter’s tape and painting with a variety of colors:


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Tape off and paint a custom pastel geo wall! Via

Either create an intricate pattern or a few color blocks for a simple yet bold statement:

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If you’re looking for a more whimsical approach to pastels, try some of the brighter hues of this versatile palette:


Bright colors work with fuzzy textures and metallic finishes. Pair with bright renditions of classic painted florals and antique finished accent pieces!


Our soft, upholstered bed is perfect for this pastel bedroom. Moulded wall details add a special touch, as do embossed textures and mix and match textile patterns.

Whether you go all out or add pops of color here or there, this renewed color trend is sure to surprise and delight for many years. If you decorate with pastels, please be sure to show us your wonderful rooms!


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Virtual Staging Made Easy with AC Pacific



It’s happened time and again. You walk into a furniture store with decorating ideas in mind – and maybe inspiration in hand, in the form of photos from the net or pages torn from a magazine – and find yourself drawing a blank when facing all the choices of furniture available for purchase. Its hard to create the connection from what you feel you want your room to look like and how to actually make the final product reflect your ideas based purely on inspiration alone.


Ever walk into a store and immediately (internally) shout, "Help!"

Ever walk into a store and immediately (internally) shout, “Help!”?


Thankfully, there’s a trick that can help with these dilemmas. When realtors and interior designers want to show their clients how live-able a space will be, they will often “stage” the space with furniture, textiles, and accessories. This is usually what you see when you visit a furnished model home. Otherwise, most home and decor buyers have a hard time understanding the scale of space in a room.

Now there are virtual applications available online that can put purchase ready items at your fingertips for your own staging needs. Here are our favorites:


1. Pinterest


Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that helps you organize your inspiration easily.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board that helps you organize your inspiration easily.

Most people these days have a Pinterest account or have heard about the site. After creating an account, you can create “boards” where you can “pin” inspiration. Install the “Pin It” tool onto your browser to pin inspiration found on other websites, or repin items already on Pinterest through the search tool. You can follow others who share your interests and their pins will populate your feed. Here is some more info on how to use Pinterest.

We love to use Pinterest to get a general feel of how we want a room to look. We’ll pin accessories, color schemes, textures, art, you name it, to get us into the “mood” of the room. Its also a good place to gather Do-It-Yourself tutorials to save for later.


2. Polyvore



Polyvore is a collage tool that allows you to bring together elements to create a room.

Initially a tool for creating fashion ensembles virtually, Polyvore now includes Beauty, Art, and Home. Drag and drop the “Clip to Polyvore” tool to the browser, and then when visiting the virtual page of a store, click the tool to import the item you are interested in buying directly to Polyvore. It will appear in your “My Items” tab on the right hand side items palette. You can search for backgrounds such as blank rooms, wallpaper, windows, and floors, and add furniture, rugs, lamps, curtains, plants, and more. Here’s more information on how to use Polyvore.

Polyvore is one of our main staging staples. The ability to click from a collage directly to the sale site for purchase is a big plus for our customers.


3. Olioboard



Olioboard, like Polyvore, allows for virtual staging, but includes other features we enjoy.

Like Polyvore, Olioboard allows you to create a virtual room. However, Olioboard has advanced features worth checking out. Olioboard allows you to upload your own photos, including photos of your blank rooms and existing furniture. An advanced background removal and imaging options make this a truly great tool.

However, not all features of Olioboard are free. Text, color swatch, and other advanced options require an $8.99 subscription. This will also open up your collage to budgeting, so you’ll know just how much you may be spending on a finished room. Here’s some info on how to use Olioboard.


Stage a room with AC Pacific’s furnishings by using our website.


It’s easy to stage a room using clipper tools from Polyvore and Olioboard. After dragging and dropping the tools to your browser bar, go to our website at to select the items you wish to use in your room.


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 7.36.02 PM

The Stacey chair is a beautiful mid-century style club chair that works well with many decor styles.


Click the clipper to add the item to your library. Fill out the information if you wish, and tag the item so you can find them easily in your library later. Once all your items are uploaded, you can begin to bring the room together.

First, select a background to build your room upon. Either use your own image, or one of those provided by the application.


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 7.45.22 PM

Select a background from Olioboard’s cache or upload your own unfurnished room photos.


Drag and drop items into the virtual room to begin staging, either from your own items or from the items available through the application. You can crop, resize, and mix and match until the room feels like “home”.


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 7.50.45 PM

Add wallpaper to the walls, paintings, plants, curtains, and more to make the room complete.


When you are satisfied, publish the board! You can even download a .jpeg to bring with you when you start to build the room in real life. Its always fun to see if the room turns out the way you had planned in the app!



Now that you’ve got the tools to create your own virtually staged rooms, get started! Be sure to share your rooms with us, and follow us:







Create a Classy & Unique Valentine’s Day Setting


We at AC Pacific have been scouring the net for Valentine’s Day decor ideas that everyone would love – single, dating, married, or otherwise! It’s a day that many wish to decorate for, but may not wish to go all out for like Christmas or Halloween. Therefore, we like to opt for decor ideas that will work with the home, or even enhance it.

valentinesWhile many focus on the reds, pinks, and whites the holiday is traditionally known for, what caught our eye was the interior trends of blacks, golds, and whites as a creative take on romance! Our Carter sofa and loveseat set in white -with polished chrome accents – provides an excellent base for a nest of gold metallic and heart print pillows. Drape a garland of hearts in this luxe color scheme across the mantel or even behind the sofa to frame an eye catching framed love quote.


Eco-Feu fireplaces use vegetable ethanol and are clean burning, with no smoke, making them perfect to gather around with friends or a date.


Serve up an intimate dinner for two – or a feast for a friendly gathering of companions – on heart shaped dishes with customary champagne, all arranged around a warm and inviting Eco-Feu tabletop fireplace. Each guest should have a setting of gold and white accented with black to draw attention. Ensure your use of black is balanced with gold and white so as to not overwhelm with this bold color. Disposable metallic utensils add a hint of luxury to a budget friendly spread.

Give your sweetie – or each guest – a gift wrapped up in heart printed paper, or in a gold heart shaped box. Create a custom message for each person, and even go so far as to create a custom gift just for them!


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Spring 2015 Trend: Explore Curated Botanicals


This is a trend that is sure to last longer than a flash in the pan. Curated Botanicals reminds us of carefully decoupaged artwork clipped from vintage entomology books as well as carefully drawn and watercolored artwork from the 1970s. The look is elegant, light, and appealing for all homes, with softer colors and a cultured feel.

tumblr_njbbpqfRcJ1u51fklo1_540Select light wood finishes and slight silhouettes to furniture frames so as to not bog down the ambiance of an eternal spring. Our 5 Piece Dining Set gives a great backdrop for vegetable printed plates, bowls, and table linens. Place sparse groupings of leaves and flowers in clear jars and vases for centerpieces or to decorate a countertop. Darker colors should be limited to singular pieces, like our Evelyn Chair. Offset these darker pieces with lighter backdrops, such as a gold hued floral wallpaper. Hang an antiqued wood or metal finish, but simple, chandelier over your table, or compliment the walls with vintage inspired sconces. Finish the look with a floral rug, or if things are looking too busy, a solid color rug with plenty of texture.


As for colors, keep to dusky pastels reminiscent of soft, natural colors, paired with woody greens and browns with a hint of reds or blues. Elements should have a careful hand drawn precision to them. Avoid symmetrical patterns, as the elements must appear abstract in their arrangement; carefully but not ignoring Mother Nature’s handicraft.

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