Style Series Summer 2015 Part 5: Cozy Cabin





If you’re in your early 20s, you may have missed one of the strangest DIY home decor movements of recent memory. When the pastel geometrics and paint strokes of the 80s started to fade, they gave way to young moms and dads purchasing 90s style homes full of shelving cut outs built into high walls supporting popcorn ceilings; homes complete with pleasant blue-grey carpet and white tile, a backdrop perfect for paint stenciling and the precursor of shabby-chic: Country Clutter.



I’m sure my mom still has something like this tucked away in the laundry room.


Country Clutter was that strange ugly duckling that everyone seemed to embrace because everyone could do it themselves – despite stores popping up schlepping little figurines made of jig-sawed, hand painted wood, twisted wire, and thread spools – and before the era of Pinterest, this was the epitome of at-home decor creativity.

Shabby Chic took over from there, and thankfully the stenciled murals and crazy mix-matching of patterns has ebbed. However, the country vibe is returning, thanks in part to country music becoming much more mainstream. Today’s country is all about softness: free flowing fabrics, blushing florals, hints of leather and metallics, some fringe, and a fresh, youthful vibe.




This new country style can be adapted for home in a sophisticated yet relaxed manner. How can you tell if this style is for you? Read our guide below:


1. You own a pair of western boots, with or without bling.

2. You knew who Blake Shelton was before he was on The Voice, or listened to Tailor Swift before 1989.

3. The rustic cabin look is too harsh (or backwoods) for you, but you can’t live without your pastels.

4. While you like country, there isn’t a stitch of camo print in your closet.

5. Buckle, Francesca’s, and Charming Charlie’s are your mall destinations of choice.


Is this your Heaven?

6. Someone once said, just because one ruffle is good doesn’t mean 10 ruffles is better. You, however, love ruffles, and think the more, the merrier.

7. You are perfectly okay with mixing and matching furniture styles in the same room.


Create a country chic, cozy cabin look with exposed wood beams or paneling and a focus on softness. Wispy, sheer curtains and fresh flowers set the feminine tone of this look. Mix and match different furniture pieces (tie together with colors within your palette) for a rustic, “found item” look. Keep the palette within muted pastels, and offset with subtle patterns and textures. We particularly like the feel of our upholstered bed with wood, antiqued pieces in various paint shades.

8. If you lived through the era, you still have your early 2000’s low slung, boot cut jeans hanging around in the back of your closet.

9. Burlap is your BFF.

10. Your wedding – real or imagined – was in a barn.

This style is for everyone, even if you don’t meet any of the criteria above. Remember, have fun with your decor, and make your home a place you are happy to come home to.


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Summer Series Part 4: Coastal Style




Coastal style is almost a given if you live along the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, or along the shores of a lake. It’s hard to deny the inspiration of living near the beach, even if you live on the other side of a coastal state. The beach is a symbol for easy living, beautiful weather, sea and beach wildlife, and the nautical mysteries of the sea. But don’t feel pressured to deny yourself the pleasure of having a beach styled home if you live in a landlocked state!

Coastal and nautical styles are a big hit, and range in theme and color palette. Anyone can create a beautiful coastal theme within a room or even their entire home. Can’t decide if it is right for you? See below!


Coastal theme home decor may be for you if:

1. Frosted “sea” glass is more beautiful to you than any gemstone.

2. You love blue colors: seafoams, turquoises, navys, and aquamarines are your colors of choice!

3. A good time to you is kicking off your shoes and relaxing with a good book outside, under an umbrella.

4. Piña coladas are your cocktail of choice.


5. Wearing anything more than a sandal is tedious and uncomfortable to you.

6. Starfish, dolphin, or mermaid motifs are often found in your jewelry.

7. You vacation to “the shore” during the summer.


Coastal style can range from a literal interpretation to coastal cottage, and even just color inspiration. To recreate this look, join sand colored accent chairs with natural driftwood and rope textures, various shades of blue, abalone and mother of pearl accents, sailcloth, starfish, and seashells on a bare wood floor.

8. The Little Mermaid may have been your favorite movie as a kid (but if you still watch it, we won’t blame you!).

9. You love the organic structures of coral slices, starfish, and conch shells.

10. You’d go to the store in nothing but a swim suit and sandals, and not have a second thought about it!

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