Style Series Summer 2015 Part 2: Industrial Chic

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Industrial Chic took the design world by storm, and its influence can be seen throughout much of modern decor. It’s a look based on utilitarian simplicity and antique elegance, with a hint of (of course), industrial ruggedness, as if hewn from the cast offs of a 19th century ship yard. Industrial Chic has been immensely popular amongst urban loft dwellers, men, and the Steampunk aficionado, but even as Steampunk trends start to fall away, the Industrial Chic aesthetic has found a way to evolve into more niched branches.


How can you tell if Industrial Chic is for you? We’d like to say, “If you like it, you’ll find a way to make it work with what you’ve got.” Industrial Chic is such a versatile trend that it can be implemented to any degree, and with whatever you may already have on hand. But for the sake of the true Industrial Chic thread at the center of it all, check out our fun guide below to see if it might be worth looking into:


1. When we mentioned Steampunk and Industrial Chic, you didn’t immediately go Google what those terms meant, because you already knew.

2. Your favorite color is exposed brick.

3. You know that pipes are for decoration, and are not to be painted/sealed away/hidden.

4. You’ve probably tried to brew your own artisan ale at one point in your life.

5. Don’t even get you started on the Edison vs. Tesla debate.

6. You regularly break the rule of mixing metals on your person, and in your home.

7. Your favorite smell is leather (which seems to be a bottled scent, lucky you).

Create an industrial chic home by pairing aged wood finishes, mixed metals, leather-look upholstery, and utilitarian elements (like exposed rivets, cogs, pulleys, wires, and pipes). You want to create a look that reminds you of the industrious periods in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but without going too far into mid-century style.

8. If it doesn’t have a patina or aged treatment, it’s not worth having.

9. You’d never dream of putting a window covering over those gorgeous, aged, discolored floor-to-ceiling factory windows in your loft.

10. You are fascinated with creating things by hand, like furniture and clothing.

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Style Series Summer 2015 Part 1: Bohemian


Summer is quickly closing in on us, and with that, we’d like to look at some of the bigger design styles of 2015. Through the next few blog posts, we’ll show you different styles, and help you decide if any one of them is the right style for you!

First, let’s talk about the ever popular bohemian style.

How to Tell if Bohemian Style is For You:


1. Stevie Nicks or Phoebe Buffay is your spirit animal, and you totally know what a spirit animal is.

2. True tribal silver is the only silver you wear.

3. You found yourself confused when “festival looks” became popular, and everyone started dressing like you.

4. You know the difference between a hippy and hipster, and you are not a hipster.

5. Any (or all) of these apply to you:


6. You might have Pisces, Aquarius, or Gemini in your chart, and know exactly what sign in your chart they occupy.

7. You know that pattern matching is a guideline, not a rule, and you ignore it rather well.


Try a rich hued wood against the mix of patterns and textures that the Boho Chic style calls for.

8. The more layers on your person/bed/floor, the better.

9. Tassels, beads, feathers, and flowers are not tacky to you, they’re required.

10. Your decor accessories are acquired from your travels around the continent/globe, and each piece has a rich story worth telling.

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AC Pacific at High Point: Trends in Motion Furniture 2015

AC Pacific Trends in Motion Furniture 2015

Motion furniture (recliners, sofabeds, and storage furniture) has come a long way from that overstuffed recliner your relative refuses to get rid of. Gone are the wood handled reclining mechanisms and yucky floral fabrics (often topped with a doily): today’s motion furniture offerings are high tech, tailored, and constructed of comfort and convenience.


Take a look at what you may have been missing:


Our new Wes looks like any other motion sofa…but this piece is full of neat surprises!


1. Cup Holders & Extra Storage

Standard features for some, extra cool newness for others. Most motion furniture offerings come with both cup holders and storage these days. This convenience extends past center consoles, however. Center seats now pull down to expose polished table tops, complete with cup holders. Storage can now be found in side pockets, in chair arms, and other hidden compartments. No more loose remote control collections wandering about!

2. Power Outlets, Cell Phone Chargers, and USB Ports

Your house may have outlets everywhere, but motion sofas believe you should have maybe a few more. Tricked out pieces can sport outlets in storage compartments and pull down center panels. These same storage compartments can even house phone charging docks and USB ports so all your electronic devices can remain within reach.


Pull down the center console on Wes, and lift the headrest, to reveal reading lights, power outlets, USB ports, a table top, and cup holders! The headrests adjust with power controls on the arms.


3. Adjustable Headrests & Massage

Along with power reclining, today’s motion furniture can include adjustable headrests to accommodate all heights of guests. Some pieces may even include massaging features, so that you can reach a new level of relaxation!

4. Reading Lights & Speakers

Trying to read in the dark can put a strain on your eyes. Just flip up the center console headrest and viola! Two overhead reading lights are available for trying to find that remote in the dark, and, oh, reading. And if you need just a little more boost out of your surround sound, some motion styles now include speakers!


Owen mixes traditional comfort of motion sofas with a masculine, simplistic style. Gussets and style panels add to the classy but rugged feel of this piece.

5. New Fabrications & Modern Styling

Did we mention ugly florals and doilies? Modern furniture of today comes in all sorts of sleek coverings: reconstituted leather, leatherette, soft weave fabrics, and varying grades of real leather. Overstuffed, shapeless forms are now molded into expertly tailored style lines, gussets, and insets. Modern style details like nailheads and contemporary fabrics add a special touch for the trendy decorator. What was once considered tacky has now been reinvented to sleek, classy, and modern!


Tisha features a storage compartment in the chaise section, along with modern styled lines for a contemporary look.


With all this going for this category, you’re bound to find something for your home to fit your tastes!


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Home Decor Tips: Scrimp on This, Splurge on That

Home Decor Tips- Scrimp on This, Splurge on That

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to budgeting and decorating. Either someone is faced with a new home with lots of space to fill and not enough money, or they receive money in the form of a gift or tax return and want to update their home…but don’t know how to spend their money wisely.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, first stop and take a breather. No need to get ahead of yourself! After that, follow this guide for tips on how to decorate wisely, and keep more money at the end of your project.

SCRIMP SAVE furniture infographic decor

Image credits: and Pinterest.


Products featured:

Flora Chair

Alex Sofa

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Update Your Home on a Budget: 5 Decor Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

update your home on a budget


It’s tax return time! For many of us, that means getting a nice check back from Uncle Sam, providing some extra financial relief after spending a year saving pennies and budgeting. Many of us turn around to use our return to pay off debt or build savings, while some of us will be using some – if not most or all – of our return in home repairs and updates. You can keep more dough in your pocket this year with smart, inexpensive updates and do-it-yourself projects. Here’s how:


Update Your Home on a Budget

Ready to get started? Check out our Pinterest board, Remodeling, Hacks, & DIY for tutorials, inspiration, and more tips!




Products Featured:

Norman Chair


Stacey Club Chair


Carter Sofa


Universal Dining Set

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China International Furniture Fair 2015 Trends

 CIFF (3)

We spent last week in Guangzhou, China, at the China International Furniture Fair (CIFF), the largest expo in China for home furnishings. While there, we were able to get a glimpse of upcoming trends from the Asian markets. This year’s offerings placed an emphasis on small space living, and utilizing hidden aspects of well designed furniture. Here are some of our favorites:


1. New takes on futons.


The hard metal frames and uncomfortable, thin mattresses of the past were nowhere to be seen at CIFF. In their place were soft, upholstered chairs that transformed into beds by either pulling down the backrest to reveal a level sleeping space, or by unfolding the seat to create a soft, foam mattress.

2. Marble accents on accent pieces.

Marble is the new granite these days, it seems. It’s also showing up on accent furniture in understated ways – the inside of a table leg, a block along the front of a console, the top of a table. It adds a classy touch without being overpowering or turning a home into something reminiscent of a Parthenon.


Image credit: Feel Inspired Blog.

3. Classy matte and clear plastic.

Plastic used to be reserved for lawn and children’s seating. Now, with new finishes and designs, it is made classy enough for the modern dining table, office, and even as living room accent pieces. And while acrylic chairs are not anything new, they’ve been revamped to include latticework and geometrical shapes to keep the trend going.


table-41 (1)

Image credit: aspirationalhipster.


4. Coated metals.

Chrome, powder coated, antiqued, and brushed metal finishes took a back seat to gleaming white coated metal tables, consoles, bedroom sets, and chairs.




We of course enjoyed our stay in China, and were amazed with all there was to do and see!


New Ways to Decorate with a Brown Sofa


Brown sofas are a go-to staple in the furniture industry. Every retailer has one, and chances are, most customers have owned one, or probably own one now. They are usually comfortable, hide dirt and pet fur rather well, and are easy to find in almost any style. But no matter their practical attributes, many people today tend to shy from a traditional brown sofa, afraid that the color is boring or drab!

Contrary to that belief, there are always ways to make a brown sofa a part of a lively living room set up. Here’s a couple tips for anyone ready to take their brown sofa to a new level:


1. Surround yourself in the hue.

An easy way to work with brown is to take it to the max by using the sofa’s color around the room, including on the walls and other furniture pieces. Select a contrasting color to offset all the brown, and play with whites and neutrals to keep the room from becoming too monotone.


Brown paint, wallpaper, and wall textures can tie the room together with a brown sofa set, like our Louis shown here. Don’t forget to accent with our Liz chair!



2. Go the other way with lighter colors.

Another way to work with a brown sofa is to surround it with lighter colors. This will provide balance to a darker piece, and will brighten the room.



Alex is a great collection for modern, simple comfort in a soft brown hue. A light gray wall and sculptural accessories work well with bold pops of color. Simple ottomans in white provide a modular solution to a standard coffee table.


3. Decorate with a warm palette.

Brown is already a warm color, which makes it great to partner with burgundies, reds, oranges, and yellows. Take inspiration from autumn colors, and play with florals and brightly colored accent pieces.



Floral curtains, a stone fireplace, and warm toned paint brighten a brown sofa and remind us of home. Play with furniture shapes, and don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture styles. Our Flora chair brings some bright green to the scene, while the Andrew is a good basic brown sofa to work with.


4. Dazzle with a cool palette.

Purples, greens, and blues shouldn’t be snubbed in the face of brown’s warm tone. Contrast these cooler tones with a strong brown couch, or even aim for a lighter brown. Make sure your pillows, rugs, curtains, and other pieces include pops of matching brown to bring it all together.



A completely cool palette, like this one awash in blues, is a natural complement for a brown sofa, like our Steven. Our Janette chair adds a soft, natural touch, and extra seating.



5. Play with neutrals.

It’s easy to rely on neutrals to match up with a brown sofa, but they don’t have to be boring. Jazz up neutrals with textures and interesting patterns. Don’t be afraid to give a mish mash of styles to create interest! Faux fur, geometrical patterns, animal prints and skins, and matte mixed with patent finishes create a perfect mix.



This loft setting asks for simple furniture that doesn’t take too much space. Mason and Amber complement each other well. Use fun, industrial themed accents and natural textures in various neutrals, and finish with a simple storage ottoman..


6. Integrate popular decor trends.

There are plenty of popular decor styles that work well with brown sofas, loveseats, and sectionals. Rustic and industrial styles are not only trending, but easy to update and make into a cozy home atmosphere. Combine with exposed metal and woodgrain, natural elements, and exposed brick or stone walls for full effect.



Create a rustic setting easily with our Louis sectional and our rush barstools. Accent with faux fur and nature inspired pillows, a cozy patterned rug, antlers and branches.



Recline in industrial chic style with the Fulton sofa and loveseat set. Exposed painted bricks provide texture, while gears, pipes, aged metals, and Victorian inspired steampunk elements bring the look together.


Whether in a loft or a traditional living room, this household staple has tons of potential for chic, cozy living.


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Create a Stylish Living Room with Motion Furniture


Comfort. Function. Style?

One of these words is not one that people usually think of when they picture a motion sofa, loveseat, or armchair. Sure, you can’t argue when it comes to comfort. What is more comfortable than a power reclining, plush chair? And when they come packed with extras – like cup holders, storage spaces, cell phone charging docks, and touch power interfaces – it’s hard to make a case against functionality. But style?


troy reclining living room sofa loveseat armchair black

Troy sure is comfy. But most people don’t really know how to style a room with motion furniture.



Luckily, the key to designing a great stylish space with motion furniture is focusing on the word space. Motion furniture usually takes up a lot of it, so these pieces will meet your “positive space” requirement. Next to these pieces, the room will simultaneously look very empty, but challenging in regards as to how to fill it without making it look cluttered. To do that, play around with other pieces that honor the use of “negative space”, yet still compliment the motion pieces’ design.



The bookcase on the left hand side uses a lot of positive space. The one on the right hand side uses little positive space, allowing for more negative space to be incorporated into the design.


Here are a few steps to use this method for creating a stylish space with your motion furniture:

1. Get the motion furniture.

First and foremost, determine which motion furniture you want for your room. We have a variety of motion sofas to choose from, but of course, you want one that’s going to work with your room as much as you are going to work with it.



Small motion sectionals like the Paul are great for small spaces like apartments, lofts, or secondary dens.



Separate sofa, loveseat, and armchair pieces, like in the Fulton set, allow for more freedom in living room arrangement.



The Miller Sectional is great for large, open rooms or rooms with one focal corner space.


The key is, of course, to not buy a piece (or pieces) too big for your room, nor too small. Make sure there is 30″ to 36″ of walkway space between furniture pieces, about 14″ to 18″ between the seating and coffee table (or opt for an open sided serving table to be placed near the recliner), and the arms of any two pieces of seating furniture should not touch at all. Try to keep around 3′ of space between these pieces. Don’t block entryways or fireplaces.

2. Start from the ground up.

If you’re working with carpeted flooring, try to forgo using a large scale or even busily patterned rug. We want to work with open space, and busy patterns will detract from the innate openness of the room. Wood floors will need some carpeting for creature comfort, but again, nothing too busy. Natural textures and colors will work well in these occasions. Animal skins and skin-like rugs will also work, as long as their colors are not too contrasting. Leave the fur and shag rugs for another room.


This printed, skin-like rug will break up the floor space without feeling too heavy.


A jute, rattan, rush (tatami), or bamboo rug will also do the job. If you choose to use a bamboo rug, be sure not to place motion furniture directly on top of it.

A jute, rattan, rush (tatami), or bamboo rug will also do the job. If you choose to use a bamboo rug, be sure not to place motion furniture directly on top of it, as this may break the rug.


3. Add a pop of color, and play with texture.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the size and shape of the motion furniture, and many feel it is just easier to leave walls blank. While a patterned wallpaper will be too much, your walls aren’t doomed to a state of blah! Use some updated neutral colors to give the walls some cohesiveness without drawing too much attention. Exposed brick, either painted or sporting natural brick colors, give texture without being overpowering.


If you don't have brick in your house, it can be installed easily with this method.

If you don’t have brick in your house, it can be installed easily with this method from


Curtains should be sheer, if you use them at all. Try slatted shutters to keep the look clean. Try ones that retract into the windowsill when open.


These indoor window shutters pull to the side to keep space open, and don't look outdated.

These indoor window shutters pull to the side to keep space open, and don’t look outdated.


4. Use accent furniture that leaves breathable space.

Select coffee and end tables that leave a lot of room underneath, and whose legs aren’t bulky or overly ornate. If you need storage space, the drawers should be small, perhaps without a pull. Choose open backed bookcases, which will serve the same purpose but have a feeling of open space.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 2.39.26 PM



5. Accessories should be simple, or small.

Ditch the patterns on vases and large potted plants. Metals are still in, and can be used throughout the room. Natural and painted wood branches are excellent space fillers on bookcases and shelves. Ditch large, abstract paintings for singular wall decor objects or small gallery picture frames.

gold vase

Gold, copper, and bronze are still going strong. Vases and other small accent items provide great opportunities to bring this trend into the home.


Branches and antlers can work as space fillers on shelves, curtain rods, jewelry holders, you name it!

Branches and antlers can work as space fillers on shelves, curtain rods, jewelry holders, you name it!


6. Pick open or unobtrusive light fixtures.

Avoid floor lamps – which will require more floor space – if at all possible, unless you are working with a rather large space. Avoid heavy, patterned shades. Recessed lighting works well, as do newer open frame pendant lamps.

cage lamp decorate with motion furniture

Caged lighting elements can remove the heaviness of shaded lamps.


7. Add pillows to dress up the motion piece.

Last and certainly not least, add some pizzazz to that motion piece with accent pillows that match your color scheme. Again, stay away from bold or large patterns. Tie it all in with natural textures or simple trims.

The pattern of this pillow is not so great as to outdate or distract.

The pattern of this pillow is not so great as to outdate or distract.


The results?

chaise motion furniture recliner design how to decorate with


This small space does well with Paul. It doesn’t feel too cluttered or like the furniture is swimming in the space. Everything feels clean yet homey and comfortable.


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New Pastel Decor Ideas

Spring (2)

If you’re a fan of the Golden Girls like some of us here at AC Pacific, then the pastels of yesterday are well remembered. Some would prefer they stay in the past, along with the padded shoulders, feathered hair, and wicker living room sets.

Some things are best left in the past, like these pajama inspired styles. But the colors have modern potential!

Some things are best left in the past, like these pajama inspired styles. But the colors have modern potential!


Today, pastels are being blended with geometrical shapes and lines. Colorblocking is extremely popular, and can be blended with colored acrylics and matte finishes. The pastels themselves can vary from bright, candy colored hues to dusky, muted shades, all depending on one’s tastes, of course.



Our Amber chair fits right in with the colorblocking action!


 Here we’ve complemented the colorblocking trend with the Amber chair, whose soft tones and dark legs work well with this trend. Floating cube shelves provide a minimalistic backdrop that doesn’t detract from the color scheme. A colorblocked rug against a light wood or polished concrete floor won’t overpower the room. Add pastel finished lighting fixtures, like two toned or “dipped” pendants or an industrial inspired floor lamp – coated in a pastel color, of course. Keep the shapes of the furniture soft and geometrical, and don’t be afraid to play with angled patterns and metallics.

If you’d like a colorful pastel wall to post behind white or gray furniture, try sectioning off parts with painter’s tape and painting with a variety of colors:


783ae4435b45c95ffbf3a5765eee072e (1)

Tape off and paint a custom pastel geo wall! Via

Either create an intricate pattern or a few color blocks for a simple yet bold statement:

7a9fc29a96e5d65ec4b2d92d4a57ea0e (1)

If you’re looking for a more whimsical approach to pastels, try some of the brighter hues of this versatile palette:


Bright colors work with fuzzy textures and metallic finishes. Pair with bright renditions of classic painted florals and antique finished accent pieces!


Our soft, upholstered bed is perfect for this pastel bedroom. Moulded wall details add a special touch, as do embossed textures and mix and match textile patterns.

Whether you go all out or add pops of color here or there, this renewed color trend is sure to surprise and delight for many years. If you decorate with pastels, please be sure to show us your wonderful rooms!


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Virtual Staging Made Easy with AC Pacific



It’s happened time and again. You walk into a furniture store with decorating ideas in mind – and maybe inspiration in hand, in the form of photos from the net or pages torn from a magazine – and find yourself drawing a blank when facing all the choices of furniture available for purchase. Its hard to create the connection from what you feel you want your room to look like and how to actually make the final product reflect your ideas based purely on inspiration alone.


Ever walk into a store and immediately (internally) shout, "Help!"

Ever walk into a store and immediately (internally) shout, “Help!”?


Thankfully, there’s a trick that can help with these dilemmas. When realtors and interior designers want to show their clients how live-able a space will be, they will often “stage” the space with furniture, textiles, and accessories. This is usually what you see when you visit a furnished model home. Otherwise, most home and decor buyers have a hard time understanding the scale of space in a room.

Now there are virtual applications available online that can put purchase ready items at your fingertips for your own staging needs. Here are our favorites:


1. Pinterest


Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that helps you organize your inspiration easily.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board that helps you organize your inspiration easily.

Most people these days have a Pinterest account or have heard about the site. After creating an account, you can create “boards” where you can “pin” inspiration. Install the “Pin It” tool onto your browser to pin inspiration found on other websites, or repin items already on Pinterest through the search tool. You can follow others who share your interests and their pins will populate your feed. Here is some more info on how to use Pinterest.

We love to use Pinterest to get a general feel of how we want a room to look. We’ll pin accessories, color schemes, textures, art, you name it, to get us into the “mood” of the room. Its also a good place to gather Do-It-Yourself tutorials to save for later.


2. Polyvore



Polyvore is a collage tool that allows you to bring together elements to create a room.

Initially a tool for creating fashion ensembles virtually, Polyvore now includes Beauty, Art, and Home. Drag and drop the “Clip to Polyvore” tool to the browser, and then when visiting the virtual page of a store, click the tool to import the item you are interested in buying directly to Polyvore. It will appear in your “My Items” tab on the right hand side items palette. You can search for backgrounds such as blank rooms, wallpaper, windows, and floors, and add furniture, rugs, lamps, curtains, plants, and more. Here’s more information on how to use Polyvore.

Polyvore is one of our main staging staples. The ability to click from a collage directly to the sale site for purchase is a big plus for our customers.


3. Olioboard



Olioboard, like Polyvore, allows for virtual staging, but includes other features we enjoy.

Like Polyvore, Olioboard allows you to create a virtual room. However, Olioboard has advanced features worth checking out. Olioboard allows you to upload your own photos, including photos of your blank rooms and existing furniture. An advanced background removal and imaging options make this a truly great tool.

However, not all features of Olioboard are free. Text, color swatch, and other advanced options require an $8.99 subscription. This will also open up your collage to budgeting, so you’ll know just how much you may be spending on a finished room. Here’s some info on how to use Olioboard.


Stage a room with AC Pacific’s furnishings by using our website.


It’s easy to stage a room using clipper tools from Polyvore and Olioboard. After dragging and dropping the tools to your browser bar, go to our website at to select the items you wish to use in your room.


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 7.36.02 PM

The Stacey chair is a beautiful mid-century style club chair that works well with many decor styles.


Click the clipper to add the item to your library. Fill out the information if you wish, and tag the item so you can find them easily in your library later. Once all your items are uploaded, you can begin to bring the room together.

First, select a background to build your room upon. Either use your own image, or one of those provided by the application.


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 7.45.22 PM

Select a background from Olioboard’s cache or upload your own unfurnished room photos.


Drag and drop items into the virtual room to begin staging, either from your own items or from the items available through the application. You can crop, resize, and mix and match until the room feels like “home”.


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 7.50.45 PM

Add wallpaper to the walls, paintings, plants, curtains, and more to make the room complete.


When you are satisfied, publish the board! You can even download a .jpeg to bring with you when you start to build the room in real life. Its always fun to see if the room turns out the way you had planned in the app!



Now that you’ve got the tools to create your own virtually staged rooms, get started! Be sure to share your rooms with us, and follow us: