Style Series Summer 2015 Part 2: Industrial Chic

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Industrial Chic took the design world by storm, and its influence can be seen throughout much of modern decor. It’s a look based on utilitarian simplicity and antique elegance, with a hint of (of course), industrial ruggedness, as if hewn from the cast offs of a 19th century ship yard. Industrial Chic has been immensely popular amongst urban loft dwellers, men, and the Steampunk aficionado, but even as Steampunk trends start to fall away, the Industrial Chic aesthetic has found a way to evolve into more niched branches.


How can you tell if Industrial Chic is for you? We’d like to say, “If you like it, you’ll find a way to make it work with what you’ve got.” Industrial Chic is such a versatile trend that it can be implemented to any degree, and with whatever you may already have on hand. But for the sake of the true Industrial Chic thread at the center of it all, check out our fun guide below to see if it might be worth looking into:


1. When we mentioned Steampunk and Industrial Chic, you didn’t immediately go Google what those terms meant, because you already knew.

2. Your favorite color is exposed brick.

3. You know that pipes are for decoration, and are not to be painted/sealed away/hidden.

4. You’ve probably tried to brew your own artisan ale at one point in your life.

5. Don’t even get you started on the Edison vs. Tesla debate.

6. You regularly break the rule of mixing metals on your person, and in your home.

7. Your favorite smell is leather (which seems to be a bottled scent, lucky you).

Create an industrial chic home by pairing aged wood finishes, mixed metals, leather-look upholstery, and utilitarian elements (like exposed rivets, cogs, pulleys, wires, and pipes). You want to create a look that reminds you of the industrious periods in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but without going too far into mid-century style.

8. If it doesn’t have a patina or aged treatment, it’s not worth having.

9. You’d never dream of putting a window covering over those gorgeous, aged, discolored floor-to-ceiling factory windows in your loft.

10. You are fascinated with creating things by hand, like furniture and clothing.

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